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The facet impact your urogynecologists are involved about is low sodium ranges (hyponatremia), which is extraordinarily frequent in folks over age 65 when taking this medicine, and most consultants won’t prescribe it for older folks. Girls are at even larger threat than males. The Meals and Drug Administration has a black field warning, the very best degree of concern, that DDAVP is acknowledged to “trigger hyponatremia” and that “extreme hyponatremia could be life-threatening, resulting in seizures, coma, respiratory arrest, or loss of life.” Even in research with individuals who had been fastidiously monitored and the place decrease doses had been tried, members nonetheless developed severe hyponatremia at a fee that was regarding (as much as 30%).

Different choices embrace utilizing a dose of a diuretic within the afternoon, so your physique is as “dry” as it may be earlier than mattress; sleeping medicines; and a more moderen remedy known as posterior tibial nerve stimulation.

Expensive Dr. Roach • I used to be hospitalized and placed on IV antibiotics two weeks in the past, and adopted it up with one other week of oral antibiotics, amoxicillin. Since getting this remedy, I’ve had diarrhea. Is that this a results of the antibiotics? — Ok.M.B.

Reply • The diarrhea may be very more likely to be associated to the antibiotics. Antibiotics destroy a lot of your wholesome micro organism residing within the colon, which frequently results in diarrhea. More often than not, the conventional micro organism will come again after ending the antibiotics, and the diarrhea goes away.