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What’s Couroupita Guianensis?

Couroupita Guianensis, also referred to as the Cannonball Tree, is a tropical tree native to the Amazon Rainforest. It’s grown for its vibrant inexperienced leaves, which have a nice scent and are used to make tea. The plant can develop as much as 30-f00t tall, and has pink flowers that bloom from Could to September. Manoranjitham flower is also referred to as a Tropical plant.

The plant will not be solely stunning but in addition helpful, because it produces edible fruit that may be eaten uncooked or cooked. Couroupita Guianensis additionally has lengthy been related to conventional drugs in South America, in addition to being utilized in ritual dance ceremonies and ceremonies to advertise fertility.

The edible a part of the Couroupita Guianensis is called croupy fruit or corrupt nut, which seems to be like a small orange tomato or pear-shaped seed pod. It comprises massive quantities of vitamin C and potassium, making it a wonderful supply of nutritional vitamins for individuals who can’t eat meat frequently attributable to well being points comparable to excessive levels of cholesterol or diabetes mellitus.


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Couroupita Guianensis: Fast Info


Botanical Identify Couroupita Guianensis
Frequent Identify Cannonball Tree
Genus  Couroupita
Kingdom  Plantae
Clade Tracheophytes
Household  Lecythidaceae
Life Cycle Annual
Mature Measurement >30m
Cultivation  Northeastern South America 
Advantages Medical 


What does a Couroupita tree appear to be?


Couroupita guianensis: Facts, physical description, growth, maintenance, uses, and toxicity 1

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Couroupita guianensis is a plant that’s native to the Guiana Protect in South America.  It’s a perennial vine with pink flowers that bloom from Could by way of August. Its leaves develop as much as 20 centimetres lengthy, and they’re heart-shaped and inexperienced on one aspect, whereas they’re darkish inexperienced on the opposite.  They develop in clusters on the ends of the branches, which makes it straightforward for bees to pollinate them.


Couroupita Guianensis: How one can develop?

Couroupita guianensis: Facts, physical description, growth, maintenance, uses, and toxicity 2

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It’s best to begin your Couroupita guianensis by caring for its soil. Make sure that it has loads of drainage and good air circulation across the roots, which can assist forestall rot from occurring. It’s also possible to add some perlite to enhance drainage you probably have hassle conserving your soil moist.

It’s best to fertilise your Couroupita guianensis about as soon as each two weeks utilizing an natural fertiliser with excessive nitrogen content material like fish emulsion or kelp meal. It’s also possible to use common backyard fertiliser at half energy twice a yr for those who don’t wish to use fish emulsion or kelp meal.

Couroupita guianensis prefers vibrant mild however shouldn’t be positioned the place direct daylight will probably be hitting it straight on sizzling days as a result of this could trigger leaf scorch and sunburn. As a substitute, place it close to an east-facing window or underneath fluorescent lights with a cool timer in order that it received’t get too sizzling throughout the day however nonetheless get sufficient daylight.


Couroupita Guianensis: Upkeep Suggestions

  • Vegetation planted indoors will thrive in full solar throughout the summer season. In winter, place it behind a window or on a veranda if it’s heat and luminous. Humidity is a priority when temperatures are low, so keep away from chilly rooms.
  • Out of doors plantings might be carried out within the full floor underneath the total solar in case your local weather permits it. It is suggested, nevertheless, that or not it’s saved in pots for the primary yr.
  • In case your crops are being attacked by aphids or different pests, it is best to management them by hand. It’s best to change the soil, take away as many undesirables as you may by hand, after which water them vigorously. On this manner, any eggs which may be current will probably be eliminated.


What are the medical makes use of of Chinese language Guianensis (Cactaceae)?

  • The leaves of Couroupita guianensis have been utilized in conventional drugs for hundreds of years. 
  • They include compounds referred to as coumarins which will scale back irritation and assist deal with ache by appearing as anti-inflammatories or anti-emetics. 
  • This plant has additionally been utilized in folks cures for treating abdomen issues and diarrhoea by chewing on the leaves or ingesting infused water.
  • Couroupita guianensis additionally comprises antioxidants referred to as ellagitannins which have anti-inflammatory results on free radicals attributable to oxidative stress.


Couroupita guianensis: Toxicity

This plant is toxic if consumed, and it could trigger pores and skin irritation or allergic reactions if dealt with.



Is Couroupita guianensis edible?

Though edible, the fruit can have an disagreeable odor, which contrasts with its intensely aromatic flowers. It’s fed to livestock, together with pigs and home poultry.

How does cannonball fruit style?

There are notes of bitter apple, rubber, and musk within the flavour of cannonball fruits.

What’s the habitat of cannonball timber?

It originates from the rainforest area of Guiana Island and is a deciduous tropical tree.


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